Dear Portoblend customers, We would like to inform you, whenever some customer pays the order amount online it goes through a payment processor which handles the payment between the customer and the merchant so that the payment reaches the merchant within the payment processor settlement time and the merchant can ship the goods as earliest as possible.

By explaining the above statement with sincere apologies our payment processor which is Razorpay in our case had put all our funds on hold which never received to us in the first place and it got stuck in the account and never reached us due to which we were not able to fulfil some of the orders.

We're highly apologetic for the mishappening which took place and destroyed our online reputation.

We're a legit brand ourself and we never promote selling of irrelevant products or not delivering the products to the customers on time. But our payment processor had put all our money on hold and we cannot ship the goods before it because we also have to buy the stock and inventory, either we can provide refund or customers have to wait for the settlement update from our payment processor to release the funds then ship the goods at earliest.

We have came with a resolution with regards for the above notice, for our beloved customers if they want a refund they can form a appeal in the below form one of our representative will come in contact shortly with the customer and get the money refunded as soon as possible.

Again We Apologise For The Inconvenience Caused But It Wasn't From Our End We Will Refund Any Customer Who Wants The Money Back.

Please Submit The Below Form...